City Sunrise Sculpture

Artist: William H. Wright
Date Created: 2017

“It is my privilege to dedicate the sculpture, City Sunrise, to the founders and all members, past and present, of the Lynchburg Art Club; to all artists who make our city and our world a more interesting and beautiful place; and to Mr. William H. Wright, a sculptor of uncommon talent and vision.”
– Lynchburg Art Club President, Kathy Busch

Mr. Wright named the sculpture “City Sunrise.” The inspiration for the design came to him while sitting on Main Street waiting for another to join him for dinner at sunset.  It has taken three long, hot, humid months to complete the sculpture and sign–during which time the Committee, comprised of Annette Kinsey, Linda Williams and Phil Carwile, decided the sculpture and the sign should be two separate entities.  Please thank our committee members when you see them and also Mr. Wright for his many hours of volunteer work to create this sculpture.  The color for the sculpture was chosen by Lynchburg artist Ron Boehmer from a piece of equipment found in Mr. Wright’s workspace.  

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