About this website

2019 Vector Space Public Art Camp “Sunset On The James” Mural

Have you ever wanted to view all the public art in Lynchburg on one website? Before this website was created, many of Lynchburg’s public art was not documented. With this site, you can see public art, find the location, and learn about the artwork and the artist.

The definition of public art is something made by someone or some people for anyone to look at. If there was no public art, then the world wouldn’t be such a colorful, and happy place. Luckily, all locations for public art in Lynchburg can be found here. The purpose of this website is for the community to have the option of being involved in the documentation of public works of art, and for anyone to view this website whenever they please.

The Lynchburg Public Art website was designed and created by Sage Grant, Virginia Blair Trost, Meredith Plunkett, Shelby Kent, Augustus Knebel, Carolyn Royster, and made possible by Vector Space, James T. Davis, and the James River Council for Arts and Humanities.

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