Sunset on the James

Sunset on the James

Artist: Sage Grant, Virginia Blair Trost, Meredith Plunkett, Shelby Kent, Augustus Knebel, Carol Royster.

Shelby: Favorite part about the stairs are how the animals provide a cartoon texture and add personality. She also likes the sun set and how the clouds give off different perspectives from various distances with the shading, which was her goal. Shelby thought that these stairs always needed something and was happy she could contribute. She thinks that the staircase will inspire the public to pursue their dreams.

Carol: When she looks at the staircase she feels a need to smile and is happy with the colors bouncing off of the stairs. Carol’s favorite part of the stairs is the sunset because it is filled with the most color and she likes the gradient affect. She thinks that the stairs will draw people to them and will be a popular place for pictures to be taken.

Augustus: He has a feeling of accomplishment when he visions the stairs. His favorite part about the staircase/mural is that the river in the painting reflect the James River and Lynchburg’s history. He thinks that the mural will mostly draw attention to drivers and people taking a walk or run.

Sage: The look of the stairs brings Sage a sense of happiness from all of the colors. She thinks that it effects Lynchburg in the way it adds more character to our town. She also enjoys the thought of people taking pictures by the staircase.

Virginia Blair: When VB hears the word stairs, it brings her a feeling of elation. She immediately pictures the painted stairs. When she looks at them, she thinks of her best friend and the fun they had contributing and giggling. It reminds her that best friends can help you through any tough times. VB thinks that the “Sunset on the James” mural will add warmth into the city and brighten everybody’s day.

Meredith: She takes pride in the stairs and the fact that they were completed in a week. After painting the stairs Meredith felt more confident and how the color will take your eyes. It lifted her up when she heard people honking their horns and that they appreciated the fact that something was changing Lynchburg in a short amount of time. When working on the mural she never stopped laughing with her best friend at the same time as working together to contribute to the painting.

Where: On stairs outside Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

When: 2019


A set of stairs that has a mural of the James River and a setting sun.

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